Concierge Service Monaco: A Unique VIP Experience

Luxury Concierge services in Monaco?

Many offer such services, but the difference with Concierge-Vip is that the company is always in quest of excellence.

VIPs are often very demanding and everyone has desires that differ from each other.

This is why, VIP Concierge is able to deploy its human and material resources to fully satisfy its customers.

Tailored Concierge Services

When you are in Monaco, you can receive a customized service during your trip and during your entire stay.

Commuting with the vehicle of your choice according to your requirements, Concierge-Vip is able to find you the car you want. The choice is wide, you can cross the principality with a limousine, a luxury sedan or sports car.

Boat travel: depending on the boat of your choice, you may book now and it will be immediately available at the exact time you want.

Travel by helicopter or private jet: a long or short trip, the company can offer you the luxurious helicopter or jet of your choice.

It is not only the travelling taken into account by Concierge-Vip. Our team will also accompany you to make your stay luxurious and easy in Monaco.

Monaco Lifestyle Management for Professionals and Individuals

Whether you are a business or individual, you may very well have on hand luxury concierge services that connect well to your needs.

For a stay of a professional nature, the Concierge-Vip team could very well be responsible for the organization of your stay in Monaco.

With its experienced staff, all services are punctual and any delay or other inconvenience are not to be expected.

For individuals, the company guarantees a very pleasant stay in the principality.

You can ask for anything and the answer will be very prompt.